EMILIE BRZEZINSKI: NATURAL FACT - sculpture exhibit opening reception and gallery shots

On Thursday, September 1, my new exhibit at George Mason University School of Art, Natural Fact, opened to the public with a warm reception. I was delighted to have family and friends join me for the occasion. 

The exhibit goes on until October 7, two weeks from today. The show contains 11 sculpture installations spanning various periods of my career, ranging from my early work with plastics to my latest natural find, Ivy Web.

Each of the works was conceived from different inspirations, but most important is that each sculpture has nature as its focus.

My "Artist's Statement" continues to guide the way I work:

Nature has a grand design, but its manifestations unfold in imperfection and specificity. Respect to this persistent individuality in natural form is the underpinning of my work. As I carve the trunk, I retain the essential outline and gesture of the tree.

I want to acknowledge Don Russell and Jeff Kenney, and the entire gang at the GMU School of Art. Without their hard work, this show would not have been possible. 

For more information about the exhibit, see http://soa.gmu.edu/event/lure-of-the-forest/

Opening reception photography credits: Anthony Scutro
Gallery photography credits: Jeff Kenney