Bronze Lament installed at the Kreeger Museum

This week, we had a ribbon cutting and preview for my bronze Lament which was installed in the front circle of Washington, D.C.'s Kreeger Museum. The work is now open to be seen by the public.

First of all, I am satisfied with the entrance circle space which was most generously made available for me because it allows my sculpture to breathe. From all directions, the view of the work is satisfactory.

Secondly, I am delighted with the translation of the wood model into bronze -- a complete success. In fact, I am surprised that casting from wood to bronze has not been more widely used by artists around the world. In particular, the process (the effect of my tools on the various surfaces of the work) is clear and exciting; much more so than I had expected.

Third, the patina is subtle enough so that it does not take away from the strong movement of my basic composition. My thanks to Polich Tallix Foundry for a fine job.

This is my largest cast work to date. I hope to have more casts made in the future, as there are pieces in my studio beckoning for bronze.

Enjoy the wonderful photos taken by Miller Hawkins of the "Morning Joe" team.